The influence of plant placing scheme on the crop productivity of kohlrabi

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Visnyk LNAU: Agronomy 2018 №22(2): 71-73

The influence of plant placing scheme on the crop productivity of kohlrabi

Yarovуy G., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Shcherbуna Yе., Post-graduate Student
Kharkiv National Agrarian University


The results to study dependence of kohlrabi productivity on the plant placing scheme are presented in the article. The density of plant placing is very important to form kohlrabi yield. When plants are thinned out they are lighted up well, the conditions of soil nutrition become better and as a result the yield of every plant increases. But when the nutrition area is extended the yield increases more slowly than that of the given area with plant density. Thus, the problem of kohlrabi density is actual and it must be studied under the specific soil and climatic conditions. The research work was carried out according to the methods of research work in vegetable, water-melon, melon and gourd growing in the experimental field belonging to the chair of fruit-vegetable growing and storage of KHNAU named after V. V. Dokuchaiev during 2012–2014. The object of research – kohlrabi of Snizhana variety – early ripping, included into the State register of plant varieties capable for expansion in Ukraine. The direct dependence of productivity and plant density has been determined: the higher density, the higher productivity. But it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that the considerable growth of density causes the decrease of yield marketability partially. The best result of marketable productivity was oftained at band plantation method (40+40+60) × 10 cm and density amounting 212,7 th.pcs/ha (23,0 t/ha), but the content of standard production was higher according to the scheme of growing 70×10 sm – 17,3 t/ha. The research work carried out by us has shown that the plants formed standard in size and mass stemfruit but their output differed at an average during three years under the conditions of different density. Under the conditions of Left Bank Forest Steppe of Ukraine the placing scheme 70×10 cm was the best one. It ensured the biggest output of standard production per one hectar – 17,3 t/ha.

Key words

kohlrabi, scheme of placing, density, crop productivity

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