Effect of a fertilization on indicators of a viability of soybean seeds

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Visnyk LNAU: Agronomy 2018 №22(2): 57-59

Effect of a fertilization on indicators of a viability of soybean seeds

Panasyuk O., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Panasyuk R., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Lviv National Agrarian University



In the article the data on the study of the influence of the new complex fertilizer of Nitroammophos-M on the features of the formation of the productivity and life indicators of soybean seeds in the conditions of the Western Forest-Steppe in 2017 are given on the experimental field of the technology department in the plant production in Lviv NAU.

According to the results of researches, the highest laboratory similarity was found in soybean seeds obtained from variants with fertilization in the norm of 4 c/ha and 5 c/ha by using Nitroammophos-M, the lowest laboratory similarity was observed on the variant without fertilization. In other fertilizers the indicator was about 98 %.

The positive influence of fertilizer is also noted on the rate of germination – 2,4 days at the control (without fertilization) and 2,1–2,2 days in variants with fertilizers, ie, the seeds were obtained from the areas where the introduced fertilizers sprout a bit faster than those that were not contributed fertilizers.

The intensity of the initial growth significantly increased: 41 % on control versus 67–83 % – on variants with the introduction of fertilizers, which testifies to the rapid initial seed growth obtained from the variants where fertilizers were made Nitroammophos-M.

Consequently, on the basis of the conducted research it can be concluded that the introduction of mineral fertilizers positively effects on: indicators of vitality and viability of the seeds namely increase the rate of germination; friendliness of germination; intensity of an initial growth of a seed germination; laboratory similarity increases; the weight of 1000 seeds increases; increase the natural mass of grain.

Key words

soybean, seeds, fertilization, viability

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