Formation of potato yield capacity depending on size of seed tubers under conditions of the western forest-steppe of Ukraine

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Visnyk LNAU: Agronomy 2018 №22(2): 53-56

Formation of potato yield capacity depending on size of seed tubers under conditions of the Western Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

Lytvyn O., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Vlokh V., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Dudar I., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Bomba M., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Lviv National Agrarian University
Yaromii R.
Stryi College of Lviv National Agrarian University


The work consolidates results of the experiments concerning impact of the size of seed tubers on yield capacity of medium-ripe Slava and Duzha varieties of potato.

Increase of the weight of seed tubers makes a substantial impact on yield capacity of potato. The highest average yield of tubers of Slava variety for the three years of the experiment was obtained in the third variant (weight of seed tubers was 81–120 g) – 292 hwt/ha, that was by 43 hwt/ha more than the control, or by 17,3 %. A high yield was obtained in the variant, where medium-size tubers were planted, i.e. 276 hwt/ha, that was by 27 hwt/ha more, comparing to the yield in the control variant and only by 16 less than in the third variant of the research. The lowest yield was obtained on the land parcel, where small tubers of 25–50 g were planted. It constituted 249 hwt/ha.

For the three years of growing of Duzha variety of potato, the highest yield was obtained in the variant of the experiment, where large tubers were planted in the amount 330 hwt/ha, that was by 52 hwt/ha more, as compared to the control, or by 18,7 %. Planting of medium-size tubers secured the yield at the level of 313 hwt/ha, that was by 35 hwt/ha more, comparing to the yield in the control variant and only by 17 hwt/ha less than in the variant of planting of large tubers. The least yield was supplied by planting of large tubers. The yield constituted 278 hwt/ha.

Comparing yield capacity of Slava and Duzha varieties of potato by the years of the experiment and calculating the average figure for the three years, it is necessary to mark that Duzha variety demonstrates higher yield capacity than Slava variety. It is determined that while growing the varieties of potato, the highest yield is secured by planting of large tubers of 81–120 g. However, it is reasonable to plant tubers of medium size, i.e. 51–80 g, because growth of the yield does not cover the increased consumption of planting material.

Key words

potato, variety, weight of seed tubers, plant stand, yield capacity

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