Implementation of the organic farming principles at the training ground of the ecological college of lviv national agrarian university

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Visnyk LNAU: Agronomy 2018 №22(2): 37-42

Implementation of the organic farming principles at the training ground of the Ecological college of Lviv national agrarian university

Paniura Ya., Candidate of Technical Sciences
Borutska Yu., Candidate of Geological Sciences
Rybak S.,
Chuchko T.,
Ecological College of Lviv National Agrarian University


The article outlines the topical issues that are crucial for Lviv region and Ukraine generally concerning the changes of priorities from the traditional use of land resources to the organic one basing on the examples of the training ground of the Ecological College of Lviv National Agrarian University. This initiative is particularly significant at the time when the methods of extensive farming are being employed despite the fact that the fundamental laws of nature are neglected and the only aim is to increase the crop yield and generate quick excess profit. The article describes the work done by students and teachers with regard to the creation of demonstration sites of various bed types and the establishment of the beds introduced by Volodymyr Rosum, as well as provides the experiment of growing the rare but potentienally productive crops, the experiment of unplughed growth of potato using the method of planting under straw, the experiment of composing of various types of biodegradable waste aimed at producing quality fertilizers (composted fertilizers and bio-compost) etc.

The article declares the further establishment of the Demonstration and Educational Centre of Organic Agriculture and Permaculture that will operate as really functional stable household farming. In terms of agrarian production organic agriculture is proved to be the practical realization of the main provisions ot the territorial sustainability conception.In order to ensure professionalism of future ecologists, the study of “soil health” phenomenon and the technologies of production without pesticides should be introduced in the program of appropriate courses and consolidated into practice.

Thus, such innovations will help to overcome the current “theoretical-practical barrier” between the educational process and the employment market, as well as to create a real opportunity to provide proper competencies and increase the competitiveness of the graduates of educational institutions and educational establishment in particular in our state and abroad in future.

Key words

organic farming, training ground, Ecological College, demonstration sites, beds introduced by Rosum, experiment, biodegradable waste, the Demonstration and Educational Centre of Organic Agriculture and Permaculture

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