The most common types of tree-shrub vegetation of the park-monument of garden art "dublyansky"

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Visnyk LNAU: Agronomy 2018 №22(2): 14-19

The most common types of tree-shrub vegetation of the park-monument of garden art "Dublyansky"

Snitynskyy V., Doctor of  Biological Sciences
Lysak H., Candidate of Biological Sciences
Khirivskyі P., Candidate of Biological Sciences
Mazurak O., Candidate of Technical Sciences
Lviv National Agrarian University


Park-monument of garden art «Dublyansky» is located on 13,9 hectares of land of Lviv National Agrarian University and has 1808 trees and 237 bushes.

The research of the most common types of tree-shrub vegetation of the Dublyansky Park is carried out. These include Tilia cordata Mill., Acer platanoides L., Thuja plicata D. Don., Acer pseudoplatanus L., Robinia pseudoacacia L., Betulapendula Roth., Malus domestica Borkh., Pinus silvestris L. Using a visual reconnaissance research method, it has been established that their sanitary condition is satisfactory. Individual specimens have stem rot, root hollows, persistence, trutovikov. The biggest problem of the numerous representatives of the park's dendroflora is the mistletoe. Up to 30 % of the Acre platanoides L. crown are covered by the Visustum album L. haustoria. The recommendations are given for the control of parasite plants and their diseases.

The study of the old printed matter of the LNAU, made it possible to establish the pattern of planting trees and shrubs in large numbers: the genus Acer – 307 trees, the genus Tilia – 333 trees, and others.

It was established that the park zones were formed in three stages: the first stage – until 1878; the second stage – from 1878 to 1947 and the third stage – after 1947. For each stage, the so-called «fashionable plants», which were planted depending on the main directions of scientific research of scientists, imitation of the generally accepted landscapes and aesthetic design of those times, are characteristic.

The application of the forestry-taxing and biometric research method made it possible to establish the approximate age of the most common species, height, diameter of the barrel, and width. The most numerous representatives of the tree plants of the park are 50–60 years old. There are 20 long-lived trees, which exceed the centenary age. The earliest is Quercus robur L. It grows to 160 years, the diameter is 138 cm. The recommendations are given for the preservation of centuries-old trees and offers made for the modernization of landscapes.

Key words

tree-shrub vegetation, park «Dublyansky», common species

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