Visnyk LNAU: Architecture and Farm Building 2018 №19: 169-172


M. Bogira, Candidate of Economic Sciences (PhD)
Lviv National Agrarian University


The article deals with the difficulties, which have emerged during the years of implementation of land reform in Ukraine concerning the non-parceled use of large land areas. The work argues the necessity to develop and adopt the Law of Ukraine “About Land Consolidation”. The latter is supposed to become a part of effective management of land resources under conditions of market relations im-provement. The Law will also contribute to greening of production, sustainable development and social responsibility of agrarian producers, organization of the rational and most effective use of land, which is in the interests of all: the owner, the user and the society.

The research grounds that consolidation of lands will call of the moratori-um on sale of agricultural lands and open a proper market of lands. It will fuel improvement of land resources management under conditions of market relations and development of agricultural branch in Ukraine.

The processes of introduction of land consolidation in land organization performance can be accelerated by active introduction of GIS technologies into the practice of land resources management and application of market instruments of land relations development.


land reform, consolidation of lands, management of land resources, market rela-tions, moratorium on sale of agricultural lands

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