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Visnyk LNAU: Architecture and Farm Building 2018 №19: 140-143


Partyka R., Senior teacher
Cherevko N., assistant
Lviv National Agrarian University


The article discussed specific character of the use of multi-apartment dwell-ing in rural locality under current conditions. The analysis separates the types of houses erected in the Soviet period and newly built buildings as their specific character influences the peculiarities of their exploration. A particular attention was paid here to analysis of arrangement of total adjucent territories. Rural con-tent of the so-called urban buildings dictates a particular way of use of the adja-cent territories (farming structures, kitchen gardens, elements of well-being, etc). The article suggests corresponding photos illustrating specific character of real utilization of adjuicent territories of blocks of flats in rural localities. The article also examines factors of influence of multi-apartment dwelling on arrangement of its economic well-being and trends of the development of residential construction, in particular in suburban areas. Blocks of flats of varieus town –planning accomo-dations (saparatelly located, near industrial enterprises, suburban blocks) are also discussed there. The research of multi-apartment dwelling in rural locality will give the opportunity to diversify the suburban zones and it will help to find the optimal solving of the problems – available housing under ecologically moderate condi-tions.


residential apartment, rural locality, the zone of influence of the city, residential area, economic improvement

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