Visnyk LNAU: Economics of AIC 2018 №25: 107-114


Dudyak R., Candidate of Economic Sciences
Piskun O.
Lviv National Agrarian University
Bugil S., Candidate of Economic Sciences
Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko


The main problems are considered and the factors of development are determined, under the influence of which the sphere of international tourism is formed.

The speed of movement of tourists to the territories is largely determined by the development of land, air and water transport. The rapid development of international tourism at the end of the twentieth century contributed to the intensive development of air transport, resulting in increased both the number and range of travel.

The second important factor is the development of tourism in the country's tourism infrastructure, which includes, first of all, tourism organizers (tour operators and travel agents), as well as hotels, restaurant enterprises, entertaining establishments.

A peculiar accelerator of the development of international tourism were the processes of informatization of society and the development of information and communication technologies. The infrastructure of information and communication technologies, the development of the Internet and accessibility to it, the development and implementation of software, and the development of e-commerce are becoming particularly important for the competitiveness of the country in the international tourism market.

One of the decisive and at the same time very important factor is price accessibility. The cost of tourist trips as a whole, as well as prices for accommodation, travel, and the use of certain types of services, in particular, determine the country's price competitiveness for international tourism.

The development and attractiveness of the tourism sector depends on the resource potential. Taking into account the specifics of tourism services, which manifests itself in the significant role of a person in the process of providing it, one of the determining factors is human resources. One of the important components of the country's resource potential is natural resources. The presence of natural objects of the world heritage, the diversity of flora and fauna, favorable climatic conditions increase the interest of tourists to the country, and, therefore, contribute to the development of international tourism in it.

A separate factor in the development of international tourism is the openness of borders. Market access, proper customs administration and import-export procedures, administrative transparency of borders, developed civil aviation and land transport infrastructure, accessibility and quality of transport services, information and communication infrastructure, political and legal support of movement, level of protection and security characterize a high level the country's openness to international trade and the development of international tourism.

An important role in the development of international tourism for the country's economy has been proven. The proposals on the prospects of tourism development in Europe and in the world are summarized.

Key words

tourism on the international level, tourist potential, tourism sphere, tourism industry, tourist infrastructure.

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