Visnyk LNAU: Economics of AIC 2018 №25: 81-87


Cherevko І., Candidate of Economic Sciences
Lviv National Agrarian University


The niche direction of agriculture and, accordingly, agrarian business, yet almost only emerges in Ukraine, therefore, it does not have the appropriate scientific support of an economic nature, and producers of niche products actually lack the practice, that forms a broad field for conducting thorough scientific research in order to at least systematize the existing information and to study and generalize relevant foreign experience.

Garlic today is a product that has high demand in almost all countries and in the world market. In Ukraine, garlic is currently grown in relatively large areas, but with a low yield, if compared with the yield of garlic in other countries. The situation in agribusiness and agriculture in Ukraine gives grounds to say, that garlic here has prospects as a highly effective niche crop, that is capable of providing a high level of yield per hectare for relatively small areas, so the special attractiveness of the garlic itself, as a niche culture, is for small farms, that today do not have the opportunity to compete in agribusiness with large agriholdings in the cultivation of traditionally export-oriented crops, but thanks to its peculiarities it is quite possible for them to develop some similar to "garlic" niche branches of agriculture.

It should be borne in mind, that the difficulties in garlic growing exist due to the technological features of its cultivation, since it is necessary to plant it at around 1–1,5 tons/ha, what can make to 30 and more percent of the yield. Therefore, it is better to deal with high-yielding varieties and try to realize their potential at the maximum, what will ensure the corresponding high efficiency of this branch. The development of a suitable base for long-term storage of garlic, its pre-sale preparation and development of cooperation between manufacturers in the areas of material and technical supply and marketing of products can also contribute to this.

The world experience in garlic growing convincingly confirms its high potential efficiency, which is especially realized in the export of products of its cultivation. China is the traditional leader in world-wide export of garlic, however due to certain market factors through the poor quality of the Chinese product, its positions have somewhat weakened in recent years, which has made it possible to increase the export activity of countries such as India, Spain, USA, Egypt, Nigeria, South-African Republic, there are certain, albeit insignificant, shifts in Ukraine's export of garlic products.

Key words

niche cultures, small producers, garlic growing, foreign experience, efficiency

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