Visnyk LNAU: Economics of AIC 2018 №25: 16-21


Rulitska K., , Candidate of Economic Sciences
Lviv National Agrarian University


The basic stages of Foresight-researches of economic policy are certain. Account of opinion of amateurish experts at Foresight-researches of economic policy is grounded. Professional and nonprofessional experts should participate in Foresight-researches.

The feasibility of forecast researches is based on a wide range of used calculations in various spheres of the economy. Based on the elaboration of questionnaires, experts summarize the information. They select the most realistic scenarios and trends of development, which we propose to summarize in the form of a Modeling map of the state of economic policy.

It is believed that in view of the specifics of each type of economic policy, it is first appropriate to apply a general algorithm to achieve the specific Foresight-researches are proposed by us. It is suggested to rationalize methodology of Foresight-researches as a general algorithm of achievement of concrete aims.

When we are reaching critically negative results Foresight-researches requires the coordination of actions on the reverse side of the algorithm to the desired level and the passage of all subsequent stages again. The expediency and number of research cycles should be agreed upon together with the participants of the Foresight research in order to obtain the most real and positive result.

The size and content of the Modeling map of the state of economic policy can and should be modified. However, summary information about the researching periods should be carry out depending on the content.

The map of design of the state of economic policy is developed and suggested to use. For the same purpose, coverage of a larger number of questionnaires is possible provided that the questionnaire is posted on the platform. Our further research will deal with the practical aspects of Foresight-researches and the disclosure of their results based on the proposed elements of the Foresight methodology. Prospects of application of Foresight-researches in the different spheres of economy are outlined.

Key words

Foresight, Foresight-research, development, economic policy

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