Visnyk LNAU: Architecture and Farm Building 2016 №17: 91-96


R. Shmyh, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor
Lviv National Agrarian University


During the economic crisis, the use of technological remnants of building materials in the production of new building designs is essential and economically justified.

The increasing number of the residual metallic flat products and eventually of scrap in the processing enterprises of Ukraine has a negative environmental impact on the environment. Therefore, prudent and rational use of residues, on the one hand, will reduce environmental problems, and on the other – will let to use effectively the technology remains in the building industry for the production of new building designs.

For the manufactuing of the reinforced concrete beam structures with external sheet (tape) reinforcement – concrete, corrugated and smooth pivotal fixtures, flat sheet and corrugated steel, corrugated flooring and expanded metal sheet are usually used.

Such constructions have a number of advantages over traditional reinforced concrete structures with reinforcement core, namely:

- constructive resolution of the cross-section of the reinforced concrete bending elements with external reinforcement allows to reduce the height of sectional elements by providing strength and rigidity of these constructions;

- significant savings of the metal are achieved by using the external metal reinforcement;

- the need for multi placing reinforcement of rods is eliminated, which greatly simplifies the technology of making structures;

- easier insertion of concrete mix and its vibration;

- simplified amplification of concrete elements and increasing of the payload, which is important in the reconstruction of production;

- the need for placing additional embedded parts for fixing elements of the skeleton of the building, wall, fences, and various process equipment is eliminated;

- there is a possibility of using tape or sheet reinforcement as part of the formwork;

- the manufacturing of structures that provide biological protection against different kinds of radiation, which is important for nuclear power plants, and structures that are impermeable to liquids and gases becomes possible;

- the use of reinforced concrete structures with external reinforcement extends the scope of their usage;

- crack toughness of bending elements of the external reinforcement is higher, the emergence and development of cracks in the tension zone during the operation has not such significant value, as during the operation of the reinforced one;

- further usage of tape fixtures with designs that went out of whack is possible.

Taking into account the abovementioned benefits the concrete structures with sheet reinforcement can be used in industrial, civil, agricultural and special construction.

For more than 60 years in the National University “Lviv Polytechnic” and Lviv National Agrarian University experimental and theoretical studies of reinforced concrete structures reinforced by external sheet reinforcement are conducting.

The usage of rolled steel sheet residues as working sheet reinforcement concrete structures will reduce the amount of scrap located in plants, will improve environmental condition and save money on processing of the scrap in the near future; will decrease the cost of new building constructions by 65-80%.

Key words

technological residues, sheet armature, beam, concrete

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