Visnyk LNAU: Architecture and Farm Building 2016 №17: 49-58


B. Demchyna, doctor of technical sciences, professor
National University «Lviv Polytechnic»,
Y. Famulyak, candidate of technical sciences,
associate professor S. Burchenya, candidate of technical science,
Lviv National Agrarian University



The feasibility of using aerated concrete products is confirmed by a number of research and manufacturing experience in the construction practice of Ukraine, Poland, Germany and other foreign countries. The most popular among the pitched concrete in the construction are foam and aerated concrete. The role of binder for the preparation of these cellular concrete is usually performed by cement.

Due to its bearing properties, pitted concrete belongs to fragile concrete, therefore, without additional means that would perceive tensile strength, it is difficult to use them as flying bending structures, which is important in the construction industry.

Available studies and developments relate mostly to structural elements made of homogeneous niche concrete with traditional reinforcement of a metal rod. The use of complex elements made of niche concrete, which are additionally reinforced by non-traditional rod metal reinforcement, but using another type of reinforcement (for example, flexible or rigid reinforcement of biological or organic origin, various types of nets, metal and nonmetallic, etc.), are insufficiently studied and used, and so they are not so widely used in building practice.

The purpose of our research is to prove the possibility of using and positive effect on the overall work of the flexed complex gas concrete slab with a slag concrete protective layer of welded metal mesh.

In order to study the work of complex light concrete reinforced elements with non-traditional reinforcement in the form of a metal welded mesh and its impact on strength and bearing capacity, experimental studies of beam samples with different reinforcement schemes were carried out.

The gas-concrete core of the prototype samples were made from the ready-made aerated concrete block of the firm "Stone Light". The outer protective layer was made of slab concrete of 2 cm in thickness. The reinforcement of the test beams was made with a metal welded mesh with a size of 10 × 10 mm and a diameter of 2 mm wires. Sampling was carried out by two lumped forces. The beams rested on two supports: movable and stationary.

On the basis of the experimental research the following conclusions were obtained:

1. As a result of experimental research, the positive influence of reinforcing welded mesh on the work of bended complex gas-slab concrete beams was established.

2. Complex gas-slab concrete beam with reinforcement in the form of a U-shaped spatial framework of a metal weld grid with grooves on 1/3 of the height of aerated concrete aggregate showed the best results.

3. Based on the experimental data received, recommendations are made for the use of this type of reinforcement.

Key words

comprehensive light concrete element, aerated concrete, slag concrete, untraditional reinforcing, strength, load bearing capacity, deformation

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